Live Your Dream

2021 Live Your Dream Award submissions. Our mission is to help women get the education and training they need to grow and prosper.

Meet our 2020 recipients of the SISCSV Live Your Dream awards.

Anjelica Figueroa a 2020 Live Your Dream awardee. Anjelica has a goal to become a social worker and child advocate. Anjelica had two little boys. She wants to be a role model to her children, that they can do anything if they put their mind and efforts to it. We have great hopes for Anjelica.

Erika Cortes is our first place Live Your Dream Award winner this year. Erika is a daughter of Mexican immigrants that came to this country to make a better life for their family. In spite of not knowing English, she persevered and got the assistance she needed to continue on with her education. Her goal is to become a lactation nurse and to give young mothers the help she would have liked to have. She is a 3.8 GPA student, on the dean’s list and involved in the community and her church. Congratulations Erika!

Renee is a mother of two. She attends San Jose City College majoring in criminal justice with a liberal arts and social/behavioral science emphasis.
“For myself and my children I overcame the obstacles and trials I faced. I am a survivor and vowed to make a better life for us. I found safe childcare, secured employment and researched resources to help with with housing options”.
She wants to become the person she needed as a juvenile to support and mentor them as well as being a positive influence.

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